Due to the volume of pertinent threads for new features, sheets, help, etc. we are creating this thread repository to keep things a little more tidy and organized. If you are searching for information on a given sheet at is already included in the Roll20 Sheet Database, please use our wiki: <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/Character_Sheet_Index" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/Character_Sheet_Index</a> Official Roll20 Sheets 5e D&amp;D by Roll20 Official Character Sheet v. 2.7 Official Pathfinder Character Sheet Official Starfinder Character Sheet [Paizo] Pathfinder Playtest Bug Thread Official Star Trek Character Sheet Cypher System by Roll20 Updates Updates to Building Character Sheets Wiki &amp; GitHub README Bootstrap and JqueryUI updates Helpful Threads Sheet Request Thread, Consolidated, mk I CSS Wizardry Common Issues &amp; FAQs Sheet Problems/Suggestions/Questions The sheets on Roll20 are all community-contributed, meaning they are created and maintained by users just like you! Posting in this forum (be sure to indicate the game name in your title for ease of finding relevant threads) is the best way to ask your question or report an issue. However, please note that since this is a volunteer effort, it may take some time for the sheet author to get back to you. Creating/Maintaining Sheets All of the sheets on Roll20 are open-source, so you can just jump right in! The source code is located on our&nbsp; Character Sheet GitHub . Some familiarity with git/GitHub is required as you'll need to use the pull requests system to submit your new sheet/changes to existing sheets. If you're completely new to GitHub, we recommend reading up on our&nbsp; Beginner's Guide to GitHub . Creating Custom Sheets That's a feature for our Pro subscribers, allowing them to customize an existing sheet or create a totally new one from scratch for any game. More information on this is available on the wiki under&nbsp; Building Character Sheets . Character Sheet Translation As of September 2016, we will no longer be accepting new character sheets that are simply alternate translations of already-existing character sheets. If you would like to add an additional translation to an existing sheet, please take advantage of our&nbsp; Translation Tools &nbsp;and add the new translation to the existing sheet. Any alternate-translation sheets that already exist will be exempt, and can be updated as usual but we encourage you to combine them with the original sheet whenever possible. But, don’t worry, they won’t be going anywhere otherwise.